Friday, January 19, 2007

Fast Fat Loss, And Other Weight Control Secrets by Rob Redding

Some natural fat loss and weight control secrets that you can start using today. The good thing is, I think it is pretty easy to follow what the author shared in this article.

Weight loss programs abound. But have you noticed? It seems that, while more and more diet programs are popping up, the general population continues to get fatter!

This is crazy. But if you've ever tried to lose weight this phenomenon is actually quite easy to understand. Most people see that they have a fat problem, and they begin to tackle it, but then they give up when the going suddenly gets too tough. For example, perhaps they skip lunch to lose weight, and then drink multiple cups of coffee to get them through the day. But discouragement sets in when they come home, read a health book, and discover that coffee and caffeine drinks are major causes of cellulite! What's a person to do? (You actually need to increase, not decrease your intake of essential fatty acids if you have cellulite.)

Are you depressed already? I hope not. But it's the same with ab machines: After you exercise with them, your more muscled abs will probably still be covered with fat! Are you bothered with crazy diets? Diets are a health risk! And by the way, low carb diets burn sugar, NOT fat.

Have you tried impossible mind control goals? What about expensive weight loss clinics?

Dieting by eating less food seems logical, but I believe there are other things you can do that can be even more effective! For example:


Did you know that your body has a daily, or circadian rhythm that turns most of the food you eat in the morning into energy? Whereas most of the food you eat in the evening, your body turns into fat! Therefore, to lose weight you should eat large main meals for breakfast and very light meals, or only fruit in the evening! This is the opposite to what most of the world is doing, but if you try this you will find that you will probably lose about 4 lb a week without changing the amount of food you eat overall. Why not go ahead and prove this for yourself?


Here's another secret. To increase you metabolic burn rate you need to do some type of non-stop aerobic exercise for 35 to 45 minutes at least every second day. Brisk walking is the easiest to do. I've been told Latin dancing is the best! If you do UNDER half an hour, or take rests, you are wasting your time as it won't increase your burn rate! Of course, be careful not to overdo it. Runners and athletes sometimes drop dead in their prime! Do you know why? Could it be that they don’t replace the important minerals their body needs in time? They use them up and sweat them out, and so the vital minerals their body needs are gone! They die from lack of what their body just used up! On the other side of the coin, please don’t be so idle that you become a vegetable. All life is energy and vibration and movement.

Here are a few other things you can try:


You can tell if you don’t drink enough water - if you have dry skin. Water decreases food cravings and water also increases your metabolic rate. First thing in the morning if you drink three glasses of warm water, (warm is important) you should soon feel the need to go to the toilet. If you don’t like plain water, include lemon juice. Do this regularly, and over time your digestive system should improve wonderfully. Is this too hard to do? I think this is a dreary thing to do - I personally prefer other fat loss methods! But it's still good advice!


According to all evidence the health results of juice fasting are much better than water fasting. Although fasting in any form can be difficult, it's often claimed that fasting can work real health miracles. Obviously you would want to get a LOT more advice than I’ve included in this short report before you commit to this method, but I will add the following tip that I’ve used successfully in the past. A good recipe for a week long cleansing fast consists of a cup of hot or warm water, mixed with plenty of lemon juice, a little honey to suit your taste, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper also speeds up your metabolism (and by the way, when packed into a wound it will stop the blood flow instantly!). In addition take a tablespoon full of real Canadian maple syrup for sustained energy whenever you feel the need - yum, I can never take just one spoonful, as I find it irresistible! (Make sure you buy genuine maple syrup only, not the imitation stuff).


(1) It almost sounds corny to say it, but try eating an apple every day. Perhaps as a replacement evening meal. (Providing you've already had a nice big breakfast in the morning, and a good lunch so you're not still hungry in the evening.) Apples are really good for you in numerous ways. They also tend to fill you up without adding fat!

(2) Chew all food till it becomes a liquid in your mouth. I know this is hard to do if you're hungry, but it helps your digestion no end.

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