Sunday, May 27, 2007

Enough With Unnatural Weight Loss Methods! Time For Natural Weight Loss

Quite a good article on natural weight loss methods. However, do keep in mind that before taking anything, it is best to consult your family doctor first.

Looking at the barrage of television, magazine, and Internet ads, it seems that most new weight loss programs rely heavily on chemicals to get the job done. This has led to a frustrating dilemma: either we opt for the unhealthy "solutions", or we keep on the extra pounds.

For those of us seeking real results that shed weight and keep us feeling great, herbal weight loss solutions are the way to go. Instead of taking a pill full of chemicals that we, or for that matter, a Harvard linguistics professor can't pronounce, try looking toward the garden for answers. You might be pleasantly surprised - there are a lot of naturally growing herbs that got left behind when we first started down the information superhighway. Herbs that our parents' parents knew about, but ones that our parents and we may have forgotten.

Even better, though, they're not so obscure as they may sound. Many of these herbal weight loss solutions can be found in any grocery store, but just aren't labeled for special use in losing weight. Let's take a look at three of these easy-to-find herbs that can help keep down and even cast off those unwanted pounds.

1.) Green Tea - Quite possibly one of the easiest herbs to incorporate into a weight-loss strategy. Just drinking a cup of green tea with breakfast in the morning can help increase your metabolism, the most critical of the body's actors in losing weight. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study demonstrating that more energy can be expended in a day with the aid of green tea, which metabolically means your body is burning calories more quickly. Calories that don't get burned, depending on their origin, often get stored as fat. In essence, quickening your metabolism to move through those calories faster is just a cup of warm tea away.

2.) Cayenne - This red pepper not just pleasantly burns our mouth and adds spice to our food. It also stimulates your thermogenic system as well. When we eat the pepper, it isn't just our mouth that feels warm, but our whole body begins to feel warmer. It's kind of like how we feel after going for a run. When our body heats up (that's the thermogenic system), we burn calories. Eating cayenne pepper not only makes a meal more enjoyable, but better - better for losing weight.

3.) Ginger - Ginger long has had reputed weight loss effects, in addition to the numerous benefits heralded throughout the ancient world and into contemporary times. But in 1992 it was scientifically confirmed by the International Journal of Obesity that adding ginger to your diet assists in burning calories. It functions much in the same way as green tea does as an herbal weight loss solution: by stimulating the metabolism. Ginger is a delicious herb that can be added to food without adding more calories, and helps burn energy after the meal.

For those of us that can't be satisfied by what we see on television or in magazines or on the Web, the next step may be to try herbal weight loss solutions. Frequently including these three herbs into our diets may seem like a small thing, too small to make any difference. But when set together in accordance with our other efforts to lose weight, they can be the extra edge to lose those few nagging pounds that just won't go away. So give them a shot - if we know one thing, it's that they can't hurt you.

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