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10 Tips To Lose Weight

The holiday season is almost over now. With all the good food and feasting. It is time again to lose some weight. Some of you might be regretting now and thinking you should not have eaten too much. Looking at the extra pounds you had put on, some of you might be looking for some quick fixes to solve the problem. If you are looking for quick fix here, then you are looking at the wrong place. These are some sensible tips that you may find useful for yourself.

The Holiday Season is upon us. This time of year we have the habit of indulging ourselves. Food is an important aspect of our celebrations. It is therefore obvious that we make wise food choices. Of course, this is easier said than done. Especially when we see some of the food that is available that is made by our family and friends.

In the majority of cases people will not be concerned with those of us watching our weight. Because of this they are less inclined to prepare healthier versions of their recipes. At this point it becomes our responsibility to both stick with our diets and to watch what we eat. It is obvious that the variety of dishes that we are presented with will be very tempting.

What follows are 10 eating suggestions that will help you with your weight loss program.

1. The first one is to stop eating when you are full. At this time of year this is something that many people do not do. This is especially true of those people that believe in cleaning their plates. I do not believe in wasting food, so take only what you can eat comfortably. At the point that you feel satisfied you should just stop.

2. Get into the habit of walking, especially after eating. Walking may be the best form of exercise. It can be a very good cardiovascular exercise, particularly in the colder weather.

3. It is important not to count calories incessantly. I never cared for this form of dieting. Also, it drives the people around you nuts. There already are enough stress factors this time of year. The smartest thing to do is to watch what you eat as opposed to keeping track of the calories.

4. Watch your sweets. Avoid eating too much fat. I am not fond of artificial sweeteners. I believe that they cause more harm than good. If you are at a holiday celebration, just try to indulge in a small amount of sugar.

5. Eat 3 good square meals as opposed to several smaller meals or continuous snacking. I realize that this is contrary to what many articles and experts say. Eating regular meals, sitting down to eat, eating quality food and chewing well are what is important.

6. Realize what your eating limits are and do not cross them. This is very important if you have changed your diet and are trying to lose weight. You know better than anyone else what you can and cannot eat. It is true that most of us enjoy splurging at this time of year. It is really a matter of making up your mind and sticking to your guns.

7. Opt for the best food choices. At every family function there ought to be some healthy food choices. Choose the plain fruit and vegetables as opposed to the cake, cookies and pies. Stay away from the dips.

8. It is best to eat in moderation. Choose the healthiest foods, sit down when you eat and chew your food extremely well.

9. If you choose to drink, do so in moderation. Remember that many holiday drinks are loaded with sugar. Your best choices might be water, unsweetened tea or coffee.

10. Eat whole grains. Very few people realize that whole grains are biologically the stable of our diet. Stay away from white bread, cake or anything with processed flour. These food will put the pounds on very quickly. Instead, it is best to eat whole grain or multi grain foods.

There are always more things that you can do to help your weight loss. It is important to remember that converting to a healthy lifestyle is something that you should practice the entire year.

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Blogger Joanne said...

Thanks for the tips to lose weight I really need to take control of my weight gain

5:47 AM  
Blogger Symphony of Love said...

I think we all need to learn to live a healthy life : )

12:15 AM  

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