Thursday, December 07, 2006

How to Prevent Snoring?

Do you have a snoring problem? The truth is, snoring is a real problem that is affecting about 2 out of every 5 people in America. Do you know of anyone around you or even yourself who have snoring problem too? Extreme cases of snoring might even cause family disputes resulting in couples sleeping in separate room because one spouse has the snoring problem.

For serious cases, the person suffering from the snoring problem may also suffer from sleep apnea, a condition in which a person stops breathing for a period of time. Frequent snoring can also result in some serious medical conditions such as high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and fatigue.

Let us take a look at what causes snoring. Snoring usually occurs when there is an obstruction to the airway. This obstruction can be due to a blocked nose or due to the base of your tongue or soft tissue in your upper palate or throat blocking your airway. When lying down, your tongue or soft tissue falls back into your throat causing the obstruction. To prevent snoring, we must look at how to prevent this blockage. There are a few ways to achieve this.
One area is to look at a change of lifestyle. More often than not, excessive weight and alcohol abuse are associated with snoring. To curb snoring due to this, exercise, weight loss, and abstinence from alcohol are all remedies. Smoking can also contributes to changes in respiratory tissue that contribute to snoring, so quitting this habit may also help you.

Another area is to go to the drug store where you can get anti-snoring pills, throat sprays and nasal strips. These are all aimed at preventing throat and nose swelling and promoting ease of airflow.

Next area is to look at your sleeping habits. Sleeping pills, tranquilizers, allergy medications and antihistamines should be avoided because these cause extreme sedating effects.

One natural way to reduce snoring is to sleep on you stomach or side. Most people who are snoring sleep on their backs. This causes their tongues or tissues to obstruct their airways. Changing a different sleep position may be a straight forward and effective way to stop snoring. If you find that you have the tendency to roll back to the back position during the night, you can try putting a book or an object at the back. When you roll back, it will be too uncomfortable Sleeping with something on your back and you will revert to a side position.

Mattress can also help in preventing the snoring problem. A firm mattress allow you to keep your neck straight and thus prevent airway blockage.

It is important to look into your snoring condition to prevent it from causing problems in other areas of your life. Usually a change in sleeping habits and lifestyles might do the work. However, if it becomes irritating to your spouse, people around you and yourself, you can look into dental implants, medication, or surgery options.

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