Sunday, December 10, 2006

Small Business Marketing — 6 Cheap Ways To Promote Your Business

Have you ever wanted to have your own business? Have you ever wished you earn extra profits and not just depend on your husband’s salary or even with your own income? If you do, then, having a small business is one of the best endeavors you can have.

However, your small business will never be successful unless you know how to market your products effectively. Among the various tools used in businesses, marketing is one of the most important.

The continued existence of businesses is fully dependent on marketing. Creating the channels of communication to fully promote, advertise, or put on the market various products and services is the main responsibility of marketing.

Giant companies have created marketing department to focus directly on different marketing issues and strategies. However, if you only have a small business, you have to focus more on how to put your product in the market and make it known to the public.

Here are some small business marketing ideas:

1. Go online

Websites are the perfect tool — they last longer and reach a wider audience than traditional print ads. Plus, they are more affordable.

With the proliferation of information technology these days, many businesses are utilizing the potential of the Internet in promoting their products and services.

Some companies specializing in website development offer affordable packages. However, since you are into small business, it is best that you opt for free websites. So if you are looking for an even cheaper alternative, you can create your own company blog for free.

2. Give free samples

Small businesses may not afford to hire advertising agencies to handle their marketing strategies. Hence, getting alternative solutions is best.

By giving free samples, consumers become aware of the kind of quality your products or services have. As they say, what good is an amazing product if no one knows it is amazing?

As a businessperson, it is not wise for your product to be well-kept secret forever. Let people try your product or service—create sample sizes if the expense gets too high—and let the spread the word for you!

3. Create affiliate programs

Has your business reached a plateau? Are you getting the same customers every single month? Well, teaming up with another company is a great way to revamp your business without the
usual hassle. It helps you refresh your brand image and expand your reach.

4. Print press releases

Although they are usually published in broadsheets, you may also consider tweaking them for magazine and radio releases as well. With the proper wording and timing, press releases are
the perfect way to maintain hype for your business.

5. Write e-zines or newsletters

Providing good reading material about your particular field creates awareness and interest among the public. It also establishes you as a knowledgeable industry leader. If your work has been published, then you are probably someone people should listen to.

Plus, with the combined number customers and subscribers, you company will grow at an even faster rate.

6. Create a good product

Ads can only do so much. Instead of putting money on advertising, concentrate on creating a great product. Nothing sells a good product better than a good product, even if what you have is only a small business.

It really pays to have a diversified, well planned, and well thought of small business marketing plan. A good product will get you nowhere unless other people knows about it.

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