Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How To Prevent Diabetes

A relatively informative article. Prevention is better than cure. According to studies, it has been found that with proper exercise and diet, it is possible to slow the onset or fight the disease. The author has numerous articles about diabetes in her website which you can read for more information too. It is our responsibility to take care of our own health. Wishing you Great health.

How to prevent Diabetes has been a concern for many of us since we were kids. In my own family, my baby cousin was born with diabetes, so she had to have shots—injected once a day by my aunt, who just happened to be a Registered Nurse. Of course, while this many years later we have sub-lingual solutions, we have different levels of Diabetes (those not requiring shots included), and we have do-it-yourself daily blood glucose testing, for those with Diabetes or those with a concern for how to prevent Diabetes from going full speed ahead into full blown stages of the disease.

Besides my cousin on my mother’s side having the disease, on my biological father’s side, my grandfather had it. So my emphasis has always been (as it was taught to me) how to prevent Diabetes from setting in if you are genetically prone to it but don’t yet have it.

Is there a surefire solution for how to prevent Diabetes, though? Yes and no. Evidently, we can “delay” such forms of the illness as Type 2 Diabetes. According to such institutions and studies as NIDDK (National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases) and NIH (National Institute of Health), diet and exercise are found to help stave off the onset and symptoms. These findings are only reinforced by the additional smaller studies by organizations and institutes all over the world: from Finland to China, it has been found that at-risk people can slow the onset or fight the disease with rigorous exercise (with a goal of losing 2 to 7 percent body weight) and balanced, low sugar diets (with a goal of avoiding “trigger” foods). The sugars mentioned include, that is, sucrose, fructose, lactose, and other sugar forms found naturally and synthetically present in most foods.

In addition, from what I understand, Diabetes Prevention programs set up a regime that includes, besides diet and exercise, standard care and the drug metformin. According to CDC (Center for Disease Control), the studies applying such treatment/prevention measures found that participants who included a healthy diet, metformin, and moderate physical activity of 30 minutes a day/5 days a week, reduced their risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes by 58%!

I used to go every year but now go every two years to get a glucose tolerance test along with a general physical. And since I have Diabetes in my family history, the doc always admonishes me about “dumping great amounts of sugar” into my system. If I can conquer that, and walk at least five days a week, you can too!

About the Author: Ann Merier writes articles about the home and family health in general. Her latest articles are about diabetes.
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